(New American Roget's College Thesaurus)
Quality of not being smooth or even
1. roughness, unevenness, ruggedness, asperity, rugosity, corrugation, nodosity, nodulation, hairiness, arborescence, tooth, grain, texture, ripple.
2. (hairlike roughness) brush, hair, beard, shag, mane, whiskers; plumage, plumosity, bristle, plume, crest, feather, tuft, fringe; hair shirt.
3. (soft roughness) plush, corduroy, nap, pile, floss, fur, down, moss, bur. See softness.
4. raspiness, harshness, etc. (see
Adjectives); rasp.
Verbs — rough[en], ruffle, crisp, crumple, corrugate, make one's hackles stand up; rub the wrong way; rumple; go against the grain; grate, rasp, grate [on the ears]; scrabble. See friction.
1. rough, uneven, scabrous, knotted, rugged, angular, irregular, crisp, gnarled, unpolished, unsmooth, roughhewn, craggy, cragged, scraggy; prickly, bristling, sharp; lumpy, bumpy, knobbed, ribbed, corduroy.
2. feathery, plumose, tufted, hairy, ciliated, filamentous, hirsute; bushy, leafy, whiskery, bearded, pilous, pilose, filar, shaggy, shagged, fringed, setaceous, bristly.
3. raspy, harsh, coarse, hoarse, husky, throaty, guttural, raucous, croaking.
Antonyms, see smoothness.
(Roget's IV) n.
1. [The quality of being rough on the surface]
Syn. unevenness, coarseness, brokenness, bumpiness, break, crack, ragged edge, scarification, irregularity, scratch, nick, raggedness, jaggedness, crinkledness, wrinkledness, shagginess, bushiness, beardedness, hairiness, bristling, woolliness; see also hole 2 .
Ant. regularity*, smoothness, evenness.
2. [The quality of being rough in conduct]
Syn. harshness, severity, hardness, coarseness, rudeness, brusqueness, incivility, crudity.
Ant. kindness*, gentility, courtesy.
(Roget's Thesaurus II) noun Lack of smoothness or regularity: asymmetry, crookedness, inequality, irregularity, jaggedness, unevenness. See SMOOTH, STRAIGHT.

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